The Edison Cricket Club is Trying to Improve the Cricket Scene in America

When you ask someone to think of cricketing nations, they will straight away think of countries such as England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand. They will definitely not tell you the United States, but there are great cricket clubs in America, such as the Edison Cricket Club.

About the Edison Cricket Club

The Edison Cricket Club, which is located in New Jersey, was formed back in 2001. The members of this club are extremely passionate about cricket and their main mission is to promote the sport in the state and to provide a competitive setup for locals who also love cricket and want to improve.

cricket-pitch cricket-pitch

The club does this by organizing tournaments and matches and by traveling around the country to take part in different state competitions. When they are not playing the sport, they go into schools and set up stalls in order to try and educate the public about the sport. It is not easy to get a lot of interest as many Americans are more interested in sports that only Americans care about, such as American football and baseball. However, this has not stopped them from trying.

They also do their best to work with professionals to create development programs. In the past, they have spoken to the likes of Balwinder Sandhu and Sunil Gavaskar, both of whom were test cricket players for India. You can easily bet on their game via

Anybody is Welcome to Join Them

If you have a passion for cricket and live in New Jersey, then the Edison Cricket Club will be very happy to open their doors for you, no matter what your age or ability is. If your ability is not quite up to scratch, the senior members of the club will do their best to train you and turn you into the best cricketer that you can become. Of course, this will require passion and dedication on your part.

cricket-bowler cricket-bowler

In order to develop youth cricket in the area, they have a cricket school that gives lessons every weekend to those children who are interested. Furthermore, they have some good training facilities that you can make use of whenever you have some spare time.

If you show that you are a talented player, then you could find yourself a spot on one of their four teams. The four squads that they have are the ECC T20, ECC-NJSBCL, ECC-CLNJ, and ECC-MCL.

These teams compete in different competitions, so if you manage to get a spot on the team, you can test your skill against some of the best in the country.

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